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Benefits of VR-porn 360° and 180°

Want to experience the brightest emotions and get the maximum of pleasure and satisfaction out of watching your favorite porn movies? Got bored of watching adult movies in a “standard” mode? If it is all about you, then we have something for you to offer. What about watching VR-porn 360° xxxreal? The new technology will leave you speechless since you will be transformed from an ordinary movie watcher to a real participant.

What’s Special in VR Porn?

As the computer industry and the technologies of a virtual representation of objects (3D modeling, photo-panoramas) evolved, devices for individual and collective immersion into virtual reality environments were simultaneously introduced to the market. Due to the presence effect, such devices and systems allow a person to be inside the virtual world, whether it is a computer game, virtual museum, a virtual tour, or even a porn movie. There are no restrictions and limits at all. read more

How VR Porn Movies Are Shot

Virtual reality porn movies were the second type of movies that appeared after virtual reality was presented as a new type of entertainment. As soon as movie makers learned to shoot breathtaking movies about oceans, nature, flying in space, and offering the most fantastic locations for virtual reality experience, porn industry immediately adopted the innovation and started offering VR porn movies.

It all started from short videos of limited scope and quality. However, with time the scope grew to 180 degrees of a panorama, the length and quality of the videos increased, and the popularity increased as well. read more