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Benefits of VR-porn 360° and 180°

Want to experience the brightest emotions and get the maximum of pleasure and satisfaction out of watching your favorite porn movies? Got bored of watching adult movies in a “standard” mode? If it is all about you, then we have something for you to offer. What about watching VR-porn 360° xxxreal? The new technology will leave you speechless since you will be transformed from an ordinary movie watcher to a real participant.

What’s Special in VR Porn?

As the computer industry and the technologies of a virtual representation of objects (3D modeling, photo-panoramas) evolved, devices for individual and collective immersion into virtual reality environments were simultaneously introduced to the market. Due to the presence effect, such devices and systems allow a person to be inside the virtual world, whether it is a computer game, virtual museum, a virtual tour, or even a porn movie. There are no restrictions and limits at all. read more

Safety Rules When Visiting a Porn Website

You should be overcautious when browsing the Internet, visiting websites, and leaving your personal info. Although it is not always the case, your computer can get “infected” by malware. Viruses can damage files or software stored on your PC, which are usually impossible to restore and fix. Viruses and Internet worms are dangerous programs that can spread via email or web pages and access your computer. That’s why you should think twice before clicking a button and following a link.

If you are worried whether porn websites can harm your personal computer, we want to put you out of suspense – the popular majority of platforms with adult content are clean and will not pose any danger to you. Nevertheless, you should always remember about the main rules of safety on the web. read more

How VR Porn Movies Are Shot

Virtual reality porn movies were the second type of movies that appeared after virtual reality was presented as a new type of entertainment. As soon as movie makers learned to shoot breathtaking movies about oceans, nature, flying in space, and offering the most fantastic locations for virtual reality experience, porn industry immediately adopted the innovation and started offering VR porn movies.

It all started from short videos of limited scope and quality. However, with time the scope grew to 180 degrees of a panorama, the length and quality of the videos increased, and the popularity increased as well. read more

In What Countries Watching Porn Movies Is Prosecuted

Adult sites, that is, platforms with porn videos and other erotic content are leaders in terms of online traffic they get every day. The global volume of adult business online in 2018 reached almost $4 billion, and it keeps growing every day. Despite the fact that there is criminal liability for watching porn in some countries, a lot of people still visit “adult” websites on a regular basis.

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In this article, we will talk about the criminal law policy of modern states with regard to the so-called “adult” content. Since one of the newest trends in the development of criminal legislation is the formulation of the term “pornography,” the criminal law regulation should be the subject of independent research. Different states have a different formulation of the term, thus, consider different types of content to be pornographic. read more

Top 5 Most Technologically Advanced Sex Toys

The time of unpretentious sex toys has passed. Although many could previously create sex toys from improvised means themselves, many “adult” devices can be today bought in specialized stores. Nowadays, these products are becoming more and more sophisticated and highly technological, so even more pleasure and bright emotions are guaranteed. In this review, we will tell about top five most modern electronic toys created specifically for carnal pleasures.

#1 – VR TENGA Sexual Stimulator

Modern glasses of virtual reality Oculus Rift allow you to do a lot of things. For example, a group of Norwegian developers was able to integrate this device into the control system of an armored personnel carrier, while the Japanese have turned this gadget into a part of a complex system designed to enjoy sex. Together with virtual reality glasses, this system includes a special device called VR TENGA. This device is a sexual stimulator designed for men; it makes progressive movements up and down. read more