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Top 5 Most Technologically Advanced Sex Toys

The time of unpretentious sex toys has passed. Although many could previously create sex toys from improvised means themselves, many “adult” devices can be today bought in specialized stores. Nowadays, these products are becoming more and more sophisticated and highly technological, so even more pleasure and bright emotions are guaranteed. In this review, we will tell about top five most modern electronic toys created specifically for carnal pleasures.

#1 – VR TENGA Sexual Stimulator

Modern glasses of virtual reality Oculus Rift allow you to do a lot of things. For example, a group of Norwegian developers was able to integrate this device into the control system of an armored personnel carrier, while the Japanese have turned this gadget into a part of a complex system designed to enjoy sex. Together with virtual reality glasses, this system includes a special device called VR TENGA. This device is a sexual stimulator designed for men; it makes progressive movements up and down. read more