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Top 5 Most Technologically Advanced Sex Toys

The time of unpretentious sex toys has passed. Although many could previously create sex toys from improvised means themselves, many “adult” devices can be today bought in specialized stores. Nowadays, these products are becoming more and more sophisticated and highly technological, so even more pleasure and bright emotions are guaranteed. In this review, we will tell about top five most modern electronic toys created specifically for carnal pleasures.

#1 – VR TENGA Sexual Stimulator

Modern glasses of virtual reality Oculus Rift allow you to do a lot of things. For example, a group of Norwegian developers was able to integrate this device into the control system of an armored personnel carrier, while the Japanese have turned this gadget into a part of a complex system designed to enjoy sex. Together with virtual reality glasses, this system includes a special device called VR TENGA. This device is a sexual stimulator designed for men; it makes progressive movements up and down.

#2 – Mod – World’s First Sexy Open Source Toy

Mod is a vibrator of a new generation that works not only in two modes (“fast” and “slow”); it also has many other features and functionalities that can bring different types of sexual pleasure to a girl. This vibrator has an intelligent software interface, which allows you to customize the Mod operation modes with your own hands or to download from the Internet the algorithms of action of this device created by other people.

#3 – Skea – Video Game Controller with Vagina

A device called Skea is both a vibrator and a video game control panel. This device will appeal to girls who like to play games on special consoles, smartphones, or tablets in their free time. The Skea console allows you to control gaming functions through vaginal contractions. The frequency and strength of these manipulations will determine the speed of characters in games, as well as their individual actions, for example, jumping, hitting, bending, etc.

#4 – LovePalz

LovePalz is a device that makes the “distance” between people in love a little less unbearable, because, with the help of this device, a man and a woman can have sex, even being at a distance of several thousand kilometers from each other. The LovePalz set consists of two parts: a stimulator for men and a vibrator for women. Both devices can operate in a dynamic mode controlled by a wireless interface through an iPhone or another smartphone.

#5 – Japanese Android Sex Dolls

Modern Japanese sex dolls are extremely realistic and sexy. They are made of high-quality silicone, which feels like real human skin. What is more, the buyer himself can choose the appearance and shape of his future dolls.


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Logan • February 21, 2018

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